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Chromatin, Pacific Ethanol sign agreement for sorghum-based ethanol

Chromatin, Inc. and Pacific Ethanol, Inc. have entered a multi-year agreement to produce, deliver and use the grain crop sorghum for ethanol.

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Sorghum is a grass variety that can grown in both drought and heat conditions. Sorghum grain is considered a promising biofuel feedstock, with the residue from harvesting sorghum grain also being of value as a high quality animal feed.

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The agreement calls for Chromatin to provide up to 30,000 acres of sorghum grown over multiple years to Pacific Ethanol. Chromatin is currently working with California growers to cultivate the crop in the state.

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“We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Pacific Ethanol, which previously confirmed that locally-grown sorghum is well-suited to ethanol production. We also welcome the opportunity to provide crop producers in California with a new market for their products by providing sorghum feedstocks that serve as an economical and energy efficient source of biofuel,” said Chromatin chief executive officer Daphne Preuss.

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Ethanol plants in California are seeking alternative crops to corn to reduce feedstock costs while improving their carbon footprint through local sourcing. Using sorghum grain will also enable ethanol producers to qualify as Advanced Bio-fuel Producers and be eligible for financial incentives.

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“We have taken initiatives to diversify our feedstock base and further reduce the carbon profile of our ethanol. Our agreement with Chromatin represents one of these important initiatives and will help California farmers to produce sorghum for production of low carbon ethanol and high value animal feed,” said Neil Koehler, chief executive officer of Pacific Ethanol. – EcoSeed Staff

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