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OriginOil processing sewage to grow algae in Paris

OriginOil has developed a process to treat liquid sewage at the point of origin and use it to feed and grow algae for fuel.

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A prototype of the system, known as the Electro Water Separation system, is now installed at an urban algae demonstration site near Paris. The system generates clean, nitrate-rich water which is then fed to algae grown on the building’s roofs.

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“This prototype waste treatment system from OriginOil worked perfectly, generating clean, fertile water for our algae systems,” said Jean-Louis Kindler, chief technical officer of OriginOil’s joint venture, Paris-based Ennesys.

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In the Ennersys system, human sewage is separated into solids and liquids. The liquids are sanitized and the urea in it is converted into nitrates. This is then fed into algae tubes on the roof of the building.

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“By utilizing human waste as a feedstock for algae energy, we are showing that urban algae production can meet many essential building requirements – energy generation and waste disposal alike – in a simple closed loop system,” said Mr. Kindler.

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Located in the iconic La Defense complex, installation was completed in June. The demonstration unit is reportedly able to process about 250,000 liters per day. – EcoSeed Staff

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