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SkyNRG certified as sustainable jet fuel provider

Sustainable jet fuel maker, SkyNRG, has become the first biofuel operator worldwide to earn a Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels certification for their entire supply chain.

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R.S.B. is a multi-stakeholder derived global standard concerned with ensuring the sustainability of biofuels production and processing. Certified entities must demonstrate that their operations comply with several safeguards including the protection of natural or rare ecosystems, food security, human rights to land, water and decent work conditions and the management of water resources.

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SkyNRG is currently the only fuel operator in the world that can deliver R.S.B. certified renewable jet fuel at any airport in the world. It can now assist airlines throughout the world in fulfilling their pledges to reduce carbon emissions.

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“Curbing the carbon dioxide footprint of jet fuel is key with the continuous growth in aviation around the world,” said Peter Ryus, chief executive officer of R.S.B. Services. “That is why what SkyNRG has done with certifying their jet fuel supply chain to adhere to R.S.B.’s rigorous standards is so important. SkyNRG is setting a new precedent for aviation sustainability practices.”

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SkyNRg was founded in 2009 by Air France KLM Group, North Sea Group and Spring Associates. It supplies sustainable kerosene to more than 15 airline carriers around the world.

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SkyNRG does not commit to one single feedstock or technology; instead it assesses fuels on a case-by-case basis and is advised by an independent Sustainability Board, consisting of the Dutch wing of the World Wide Fund for Nature, Solidaridad, and the Copernicus Institute of Utrecht University.

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“This R.S.B. certification is a great result for us as supply chain integrator and for our supply chain partners,” said Maarten van Dijk, top executive at SkyNRG and member of the R.S.B.’s Board of Directors. “It is a milestone for sustainable jet fuels in general and a confirmation towards the market that RSB is ensuring that biofuels deliver on their promise of sustainability. – EcoSeed Staff

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