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Germany supports Ukraine’s bioenergy sector

Ukraine will be producing its own biofuel in 2013 with an assist from Germany.

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A decade’s old scientific exchange between the two countries intends to take things to the next level by bringing to life biofuel projects in the Ukraine by this year, according to Victor Tymoshchuk, an expert with the department of engineering and agricultural machinery at the Ukraine’s Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

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Ukrainian scientists have already presented draft projects for the pilot biofuel projects, which will generate thermal power and biogas from agricultural wastes using German technology and equipment.

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Speaking at a joint Ukraine-Germany council, Jurgen Keinhorst, representative of the German Federal Ministry of Environment, said the pilot biofuel projects may also involve German investment.

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“Possessing a large agricultural sector that produces notable amounts of agricultural waste and manure, Ukraine has a significant potential for bioenergy production,” stated the German Federal Ministry of Environment.

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Ukraine currently generates entry-level 700,000 tons of solid biofuel annually compared with an average German biofuel plant which provides 800,000 tons of solid biofuel annually, said Mr. Tymoshchuk.

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So far, the country has six functioning biogas units. In addition, two poultry farms, which could generate 30 to 35 million cubic meters of biogas, will start operations by 2013 in the western and southern region of Ukraine.

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To further boost its biofuel production, Ukraine also aims to create a pilot bio-energy village, which will serve as a hub for the sector, and to export biogas to other member countries of the European Union through the partnership between Ukrainian agro-holding Avangard and Polish state-owned company PGNIG-energy. – EcoSeed Staff

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