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Amyris opens biodiesel demo plant in Brazil

Amyris Brasil Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento, Ltda., a wholly owned subsidiary of Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc., has opened the Amyris Renewable Products Demonstration Facility in Campinas, Brazil. This facility will be the last step before the company starts commercial production.


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Canada invests 72.4 million for Ontario biodiesel plant

The government of Canada recently invested 72.4 million Canadian dollars (US $67 million) to support a biodiesel plant in Hamilton, Ontario, it reported. BIOX, a nine-year-old biodiesel company based in Ontario, will receive the money through the ecoENERGY for Biofuels program


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B5 blend could jumpstart US biofuel Industry—US senators

United States senators recently asked Pres. Barack Obama to reinforce the consumption of biodiesel in the country by promoting 5% blended biofuels (B5). Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray on August 15 co-signed the letter from Senators Kent Conrad and Charles Grassley, asking the leadership to replace 5% of each gallon


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National Wind Solutions acquires biodiesel plant in Texas

National Wind Solutions, Inc. aims to expand its green energy portfolio to include other renewable energy sources such as renewable biodiesel fuel through the acquisition of a fully operational biodiesel plant in Atascosa County, Texas for $3 million.


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CBEH to acquire sixth gas station in Shaanxi Province

China Bio Energy Holdings Group (CBEH), a leading distributor and manufacturer of biodiesel, has signed a US $2.6-million agreement to acquire all the assets of a gas station in the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province, China.


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Bio Solutions, Hammerhead and WFU to build biodiesel plant

Bio Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. and Hammerhead Engineering LLC have partnered with Wake Forest University, one of the leading research institutions in the US, to validate a technology to pre-treat liquid brown grease into a reduced free fatty acid feedstock.


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Abundant Biofuels to produce 600 billion gallons of biodiesel

Abundant Biofuels aims to produce 600 billion gallons of biodiesel by 2012. To reach its goals, the Monterey, California-based company intends to tap Jatropha plantations in the Philippines, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia.


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Croydon: Save money, fuel up with used cooking oil

Croydon will soon be saving up a lot on its diesel as Croydon Council partners with Proper Oils, an establishment which collects used cooking oil from organizations in London and converts it into biodiesel for free.


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Landkom, Sunfuel sign agreement for biodiesel venture

Landkom International PLC, a large-scale producer of agricultural feedstock in the Ukraine, has entered into an initial cooperation agreement with Sunfuel Ukraine LLC, a specialist biofuels group, for the sale, processing, and development of a new oil seed variant for biodiesel.

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New biodiesel distribution station to supply New England

A new biodiesel and blended diesel distribution company has started construction in North Andover, Massachusetts of the first full-scale commercial facility that will supply alternative fuel to the New England region.


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