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Waste-to-fuel plant begins producing premium biodiesel

BioFuelBox converts 4 billion gallons of wastewater grease into renewable fuel.

California-based BioFuelBox Inc. claimed its fully-scaled refinery for converting waste fat, oil and grease can help local governments save more than $25 billion on landfill and sewer maintenance costs annually.

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The waste-to-fuel company processes trap grease, wastewater scum, animal fats, used cooking oil, yellow and brown grease, and waste water sludge at its new plant in Idaho to produce clean-burning, low-sulfur biodiesel for on-road use.

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Steven Perricone, BioFuelBox chief executive, said that more than 4 billion gallons of grease disposed by American households through wastewater treatment systems can now be used as fuel through their patented NovoStream process.

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The technology removes sulfur and contaminants from biodiesel, allowing conversion from a wider option of waste sources that are normally incinerated or disposed through landfills.

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The company’s conversion process for waste fat, oil and grease is said to meet the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials of less than 15 parts per million sulfur.

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BioFuelBox said its fuel has 85 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared with its petroleum counterparts.

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Earlier this month, BioFuelBox earned top honors for resource recovery and waste management given by the open media technology website AlwaysOn.

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