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Kinder Morgan delivers biodiesel through Oregon pipeline

Kinder Morgan Energy is one of the largest publicly traded pipeline business in the United States, with an enterprise value of approximately $25 billion. Photo by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. has begun commercial transportation of B2 biodiesel, average diesel blended with 2 percent of the biofuel, through one of its new pipelines.

The company has delivered approximately 100,000 barrels of blended biodiesel through its 115-mile Oregon pipeline, which runs from its Portland terminal up to Eugene.

Other area terminals are expected to be able to deliver the blended biodiesel to the Oregon pipeline.

The initial deliveries follow pipeline testing performed at both its Portland and Eugene facilities to ensure that the biodiesel samples meet specifications.

Kinder Morgan is one of the leading pipeline transportation and energy storage companies in North America, operating more than 28,000 miles of pipelines and 170 terminals.

Its Oregon line is one of only a few pipelines in the United States able to regularly transport blended biodiesel, the first of which being the Plantation Pipe Line Company, which is also operated by Kinder Morgan.

The biodiesel blend flowing through the pipeline is created using a newly installed blending system that injects B99 into ultra low sulphur diesel at Kinder Morgan’s Willbridge terminal in Portland.

-   Natassia Y. Laforteza

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