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Sustainable Oils to supply camelina-based jet fuel to US Navy

Fuel derived from camelina plants like these may just be the next big thing in biofuels. Photo by Sustainable Oils, Inc.

Sustainable Oils, Inc. has been awarded a contract by the US Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) for the delivery of 40,000 gallons of camelina-based jet fuel for the Naval Air Systems Command fuels team. The company will also support the US Navy’s certification testing program of alternative fuels.

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The upcoming Navy tests are part of a larger effort to test and certify promising biofuels in support of the Navy and US Department of Defense’s strategy to enhance energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Camelina was selected by the DESC because it does not compete with food crops, has been proven to reduce carbon emissions by more than 80%, and has already been successfully tested in a commercial airline test flight. In addition, camelina has naturally high oil content, is drought-tolerant, and requires less fertilizer and herbicides. It can be a rotation crop with wheat and it can also grow on marginal land.

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Camelina is the most readily available renewable fuel feedstock that meets the Navy’s criteria, with the ability to scale up acreage to meet demand. The camelina for the contract was primarily grown in 2009 and harvested recently by farmers in Montana.

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Scott Johnson, president of both Sustainable Oils and the North American Camelina Trade Association, said, “This contract reflects the great promise of camelina as a readily-available drop-in replacement for aviation fuel. It also sends a strong message to farmers that there will be a long term market for camelina oil. We look forward to working with an even larger group of growers in 2010 to meet the increased demand.”

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Sustainable Oils is a producer and marketer of renewable, environmentally clean, and high-value camelina-based biodiesel. A joint venture between Targeted Growth, Inc., a renewable energy bioscience company, and Green Earth Fuels, a vertically integrated biodiesel energy company, Sustainable Oils solidly supports both agricultural and green energy initiatives with camelina, which it said can be harvested with traditional equipment, and requires minimal water.

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The Defense Energy Support Center is the US Department of Defense’s combat logistics support agency.

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