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Energy distribution company Avista to use biodiesel to power service trucks

Avista, in partnership with Inland Empire Oilseeds and Whitley Fuel, has begun testing the use of biodiesel on four service trucks. STOCKXPERT

Avista Corp., an energy company involved in the production, transmission and distribution of energy, has begun its ongoing initiative to be more energy and fuel efficient by testing the use of biodiesel on four of its service trucks.

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Avista has partnered with Inland Empire Oilseeds (IEO) and Whitley Fuel for the supply of the B20 blend of biodiesel. Avista began testing the use of the biodiesel in two flatbeds, a line truck and a bucket truck, in August.

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With headquarters in Odessa, Washington, IEO produces the biodiesel with oil crushed from Washington-grown canola seeds. According to Stephen Starr, general manager of IEO, canola biodiesel is a highly sustainable fuel because it returns 4.5 times the energy used to grow and manufacture it.

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Founded in 2006 as a joint effort by Avista, Odessa Union Warehouse, Reardan Grain Growers and Reardan Seed Company, IEO began refining biodiesel in November 2008. With the installation of its crushing line, IEO became the first Washington-based biodiesel company to fully integrate all production steps into one.

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The partnership between IEO, Avista and Whitley Fuel allowed the fuel to be made available for local businesses. The partnership calls for Whitley to store the biodiesel at its station on Third Avenue and Division Street in Spokane. This is a strategic location because it will provide convenient access to Avista and other local businesses and government agencies.

Aside from turning to biodiesel, Avista has been exploring other clean, renewable energy options to green its fleet. Its subsidiary, Avista Utilities, provide electric and natural gas services to more than 492,000 customers in three Western US states.

- Natassia Y. Laforteza

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