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Boeing looks into Hawaii’s aviation biofuel potential

Honolulu-based Hawai'i BioEnergy was tapped by aerospace giant Boeing to look into crops, such as sorghum and eucalyptus, that can be grown locally and used as feedstock for aviation biofuels.

"As an Asia Pacific gateway and leading tourism destination, Hawaii can play a meaningful role in helping aviation reduce carbon emissions, while increasing regional energy resources," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes Vice President of Environment and Aviation Policy Billy Glover.

Hawai'i BioEnergy is studying viable processing techniques and distribution channels for a variety of energy crops, including but not limited to sugarcane, woody biomass and algae. Its partners include Vinod Khosla, Ohana Holdings and Finistere Ventures.

The two companies will also work to assess and develop the supporting technologies to best process these fuels. – Katrice R. Jalbuena

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