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Guest post: Enhance monitoring and control for a more sustainable utility industry

Enhance monitoring and control for a more sustainable utility industry

Efficient utility management is crucial because it not only helps a firm to maintain or increase its profit margin, it also helps increase customer satisfaction as a customer face less discrepancies in their utility bills. However this is easier said than done as current demographic trends show that there are increasing demographic flows towards town areas which elevate the challenges faced by utility firms as they seek to improve on current technologies to meet the growing needs of the population.  To find out more on how to do so, attend the Utility Revenue & Customer Management World Asia 2013 which features a talk by Mr Dan Apetrei, Program Manager of SC Electrica SA, Romania. He will be sharing about ways to automate facilities and processes to enhance monitoring and control towards a more sustainable utility industry. The scope of the talk includes:

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  • Actual DSO node architecture – enhancements supported by Smart Grid Technology
  • Interoperability problem in DSO context; UMA approach; Smart metering Impact
  • The need for DCC, extended set of functions to support Smart Grid; developing Smart Client

Mr Dan Apetrei has started leading the DCE Operational Program from February 2009. This job deals with informatics packages harmonization and processes adjustments. The first project in the software package started in 2002 with a pilot on billing. Now, the program includes: billing, forecasting, trading, AMR/AMI for more than 3 million customers in three subsidiaries. During 2009-2012, the program’s scope is to solve unbundling consequences, launch the second generation AMR, audit AMI and define strategy adjustments.

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Utility Revenue & Customer Management World Asia 2013 itself features 5 co-located conferences namely Power & Electricity World Asia, Smart Electricity World Asia, Power Plant World Asia, Clean Technology Investment World Asia and The Solar Show Asia with over 150 reowned C-Level speakers who will be speaking across these 6 co-located conferences. For more details, feel free to download our brochure or please visit our website. To register, please visit our registration page. You can also call us at +65 6322 2700. The earlier you register, the more you will save.

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