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Energy department allots $ 106 million for local green projects

The United States Department of Energy will award $106 million to nine states in support of energy efficiency and conservation projects under a grant scheme


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Canada to hold national discussions on renewables

Lisa Raitt, Canada’s minister of natural resources, announced on Wednesday that the government would be conducting three national roundtable sessions for advancing renewable energy production and clean energy research


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E.U. tries to set a green example

Leading the world in the energy market and in climate campaigns, the European Union demonstrates how hard at work it is to help stem the worst impacts of changing climate conditions


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India’s solar mission: How it is harnessing unlimited energy

About 56 percent of India's 1.1 billion people do not have access to electricity


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The US climate bill: Uncertainties and hopes

Considered as a landmark US bill for aiming to establish a nationwide cap-and-trade scheme, the American Clean Energy and Security Act was passed by the US House of Representatives


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State gets $ 36 million for energy efficiency and conservation

Pennsylvania is set to receive more than $36 million of stimulus funding from the Department of Energy in support eight energy efficiency and conservation projects


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Britain reduced emissions by 21% - report

Statistics released on Thursday show that Britain has made strides in cutting back on its carbon footprint after reducing its emissions by 21 percent on 1990 levels


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Pakistan secures $ 780 million for energy efficient projects

The Asian Development Bank will extend $780 million in loans to Pakistan for energy efficiency projects expected not only to address its growing energy demand but also entice investments in the low-carbon technology sector


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US and Canada examine progress in clean energy

The United States and Canada have made strides in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency since President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper agreed on a bilateral cooperation program in February


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EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Lovins gives her take on today’s energy issues

She is a known environmentalist; co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute; co-author of Natural Capitalism (along with eight other books); millennium "Hero of the Planet" by Time Magazine—her credentials go on. But don’t let that cowboy hat fool you.


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