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Hong Kong’s Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing appealed to petrol and liquefied petroleum gas vehicle owners to reduce their emissions and comply with upcoming policy. The environment secretary noted that these petrol and L.P.G. vehicle owners should properly maintain their vehicles to reduce emissions and ensure their compliance with the new emissions control requirement that is expected to come into force next month. Mr. Wong pointed out that improving air...

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Hong Kong/Guangdong Joint Liaison Group gather for its third meeting http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17670-hong-kong-guangdong-joint-liaison-group-gather-for-its-third-meeting http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17670-hong-kong-guangdong-joint-liaison-group-gather-for-its-third-meeting

The Hong Kong/Guangdong Joint Liaison Group on Combating Climate Change held its third meeting, to discuss their work plan for the upcoming year. The meeting, which was held in Guangzhou last July 30, was co-chaired by the Secretary for the Environment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Wong Kam-sing and the Director of the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission Li Chunhong. In the meeting, several details as part of the...

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U.N.E.A.’s first ever session gets underway in Nairobi http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17623-u-n-e-a-s-first-ever-session-gets-underway-in-nairobi http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17623-u-n-e-a-s-first-ever-session-gets-underway-in-nairobi

The first ever session of the United Nations Environment Assembly gets underway, gathering representatives from all 193 U.N. Member States in Nairobi to discuss various issues. Around 1,200 high level participants, which include Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.N. General Assembly President Josh Ashe, have gathered in this week’s meeting of the U.N.E.A. that is being held under the theme of “A Life of Dignity for All...

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N.R.D.C. fights back, counters discrediting advertisements through TV ads http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17612-n-r-d-c-fights-back-counters-discrediting-advertisements-through-tv-ads http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17612-n-r-d-c-fights-back-counters-discrediting-advertisements-through-tv-ads

New York-based environmental advocacy group Natural Resources Defense Council has created their own television advertisement to combat the discrediting advertisements that were aired on the radio. Earlier this month, the N.R.D.C. urged the Federal Communications Commission to look into various radio stations’ discrediting advertisements, which were sponsored by the National Mining Association, which targeted the newly proposed...

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Discrediting advertisements on carbon pollution standards outrages organizations http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17604-discrediting-advertisements-on-carbon-pollution-standards-outrages-organizations http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17604-discrediting-advertisements-on-carbon-pollution-standards-outrages-organizations

The Natural Resources Defense Council, and more than two dozen organizations, is urging the Federal Communications Commission to investigate various radio stations’ discrediting advertisement regarding the newly proposed carbon pollution standards. Twenty-eight national and state organizations are urging the F.C.C. to investigate 23 radio stations in five states that are airing discrediting radio advertisements...

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$48 trillion in investment needed to meet energy needs to 2035 – I.E.A. report http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17589-48-trillion-in-investment-needed-to-meet-energy-needs-to-2035-i-e-a-report http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17589-48-trillion-in-investment-needed-to-meet-energy-needs-to-2035-i-e-a-report

The world needs more than $48 trillion in investment over the period to 2035 in order to meet the world’s growing demand for energy, according to a report released by the International Energy Agency. The report, which is part of the World Energy Outlook series, finds that the current annual investment in energy supply of $1.6 trillion needs to increase steadily over the next decades towards $2 tri...

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E.P.A. proposal to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17584-e-p-a-proposal-to-cut-carbon-pollution-from-existing-power-plants http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17584-e-p-a-proposal-to-cut-carbon-pollution-from-existing-power-plants

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has released its proposal for cutting carbon pollution from existing power plants in the country. The Clean Power Plan proposal is an effort, for the first time, to cut carbon pollution from already existing power plants – the single largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S. Under the Clean Power Plan, E.P.A. is proposing guidelines that...

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Fossil fuel subsidies hinder transition to green economy http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17513-fossil-fuel-subsidies-hinder-transition-to-green-economy http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17513-fossil-fuel-subsidies-hinder-transition-to-green-economy

Fossil fuel subsidies play a major role in hindering the transition to an inclusive green economy, according to experts. Fossil fuel subsidies hamper the transition to an inclusive green economy due to its contribution to fiscal instability and undermining governments’ efforts to combat serious economic and environmental challenges, such as climate change. The statement was made during the...

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More time needed for a decision on Keystone XL Pipeline http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17502-more-time-needed-for-a-decision-on-keystone-xl-pipeline http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17502-more-time-needed-for-a-decision-on-keystone-xl-pipeline

The United States Department of State will be extending its decision-making period on the submission of their views on the proposed Keystone Pipeline project. According to the State Department, agencies will need additional time based on the uncertainty created by the on-going litigation in the Nebraska Supreme Court which could ultimately affect the pipeline route in that state. The time will also be used to review and consider...

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Climate change is happening, affecting all areas of the globe – I.P.C.C. http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17472-climate-change-is-happening-affecting-all-areas-of-the-globe-i-p-c-c http://www.ecoseed.org/politics/17472-climate-change-is-happening-affecting-all-areas-of-the-globe-i-p-c-c

The effect of climate change is already being felt worldwide, according the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The I.P.C.C. has the second part of their fifth assessment report detailing the impacts of climate change to date, the future risks from a changing climate, and the opportunities for effective action to reduce risks. The report, titled “Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaption, and...

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