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Funding & Incentives

AfDB provides $17.8 million in climate adaptation funds in 3 countries

The African Development Bank has earmarked $17.8 million for climate change adaption projects in Angola, Benin and Madagascar.

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The new funding, approved by the Council of the Least Developed Countries Fund during the second quarter of 2013, will be used for agriculture and natural resource management projects.

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Madagascar will get $6.2 million for agricultural water infrastructure designed to reduce vulnerability to cyclones and flooding. The fund also seeks to support local agricultural livelihoods, ensuring that they can adapt to climate change through water management and health interventions.

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Benin will receive US $7.2 million to facilitate the development of a flood control system and climate resilience of agriculture infrastructures in Oueme Valley. Under this project, flooding risk mapping and climate resilient agriculture infrastructures such as dykes will be promoted along with flood resistant grain storage systems.

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Angola will obtain US $4.4 million to enhance the capacity of four pilot demonstration centers dedicated to climate change technology for sustainable development.

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The L.D.C.F. was created under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to back the preparation and implementation of National Adaptation Programs of Action among least developed nations.

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The special fund is implemented by the Global Environment Facility, the largest public funder of projects aimed at improving the global environment. – EcoSeed Staff

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