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Funding & Incentives

British government awards $73.86 million to over 130 energy efficiency projects

The British government has announced £46 million ($73.86 million) worth of funding to over 130 local energy projects in the country.

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The grant, through the Department of Energy and Climate Change, is awarded to 132 projects to help reduce fuel deficit, increase energy efficiency and promote collective switching and purchasing in regions across Great Britain.

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It is distributed to local authorities and non-governmental organizations with £31million (49.77 million) allocated to help vulnerable households keep low energy bills, £10 million ($16 million) to support projects under Green Deal programme and £5 million ($8 million) to set up collective switching schemes.

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“We need to find new ways to help people with their energy bills, working with communities and councils across the country,” said Energy Secretary Edward Davey.

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“This £46million will help local councils across England upgrade inefficient heating kit as well as creating demand for and installing insulation under the Green Deal in homes across their local areas,” he added.

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The new funding comes a day after the launch on Monday of the £125m ($200.25 million) Green Deal cashback scheme, in which householders who use the Green Deal to make home improvements will receive cashback offer potentially at over £1,000. – Ecoseed Staff

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