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Back You are here: Home Politics Funding & Incentives R.E.E.E.P. grants $5.28 million to 28 clean energy projects in Asia and Africa

Funding & Incentives

R.E.E.E.P. grants $5.28 million to 28 clean energy projects in Asia and Africa

R.E.E.E.P. grants $5.28 million to 28 clean energy projects in Asia and Africa
Solitary windmill on a farm in Namibia, Southern Africa used to pump water from underground to provide water for livestock.

Twenty eight new clean energy projects in Africa and Asia will get €3.95 million ($5.28 million) in grants from the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership, an Austrian-based market catalyst for clean energy in emerging markets and developing countries.

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The different projects will be located across 19 countries and are expected to boost energy access and entrepreneurship in renewable energy and energy efficiency in their areas.

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According to R.E.E.E.P., the 28 selected projects were chosen among 98 final proposals in five thematic areas: scaling up successful business models, supporting off-grid generation, harnessing the benefits of clean energy in both food production and in reliable water supply, and opening up energy data in emerging markets.

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“The nexus between clean energy, food production and water provision is one of the exciting new areas we are looking at,” said Eva Oberender, R.E.E.E.P. Programme Director.

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This includes developing solar-powered cold storage for fishing communities in Indonesia, solar-powered pumps for irrigation in Kenya and Burkina Faso and improvements in energy efficiency in Chinese agriculture, she noted.

Some of the 28 projects emulate or expand successful initiatives previously financed by R.E.E.E.P. One of which is the Private Financing Advisory Network, an instruction and investor matchmaking service for small and medium enterprises that R.E.E.E.P. has funded in southern Africa. A new project will widen the model’s scope in India.

One key focus for this project call is the improvement of data situation for clean energy. “Making publically owned energy data accessible can mean a huge boost for clean energy businesses,” said Martin Hiller, R.E.E.E.P. Director-General.

In Ghana, one of the new projects will open up energy data access through a database containing all relevant energy statistics. It is intended to be a leading example of open data on the African continent, stressed Mr. Hiller.

The latest funding is the ninth round granted by R.E.E.E.P., which is made possible by contributions of the governments of the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.

So far, R.E.E.E.P. has supported over 180 clean energy projects across 58 countries, disbursing €18.4 million and leveraging €35.1 million in co-funding. – C. Dominguez

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