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Funding & Incentives

E.P.A. releases close to $2 million for studies of extreme weather impacts

To study the impact of extreme weather on water and air quality, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has announced grants amounting to almost $2 million for Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, and Ohio State University.

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“It’s important to understand how extreme weather events affect air and water quality,” said Bob Kavlock, deputy assistant administrator for science of the E.P.A.’s Office of Research and Development.

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Each educational institution will get a grant for a different project focusing on specific areas, with Michigan State receiving $750,000, Michigan Tech with $374,960, and Ohio State with $748,902.

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Michigan State will be focusing on the relationship between extreme weather events and harmful algal blooms and on how to predict the effects of climate change on algal blooms and water quality. Using satellite images and water quality models, researchers will help to improve long-term water quality management.

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Michigan Tech will be researching projected changes in weather – like heat waves, lightning, and lightning-caused wildfires – and how they impact air quality. The researchers will quantify the impact through particulate matter and smog, which can harm human health.

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Meanwhile, Ohio State will study the relationship between water quality and extreme weather events. Researchers will be examining how and whether harmful algal blooms, cyanotoxins and disinfectant byproducts in drinking water could threaten human health, and hopes to improve future water quality management.

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Close to $9 million worth of grants have been awarded by the E.P.A to 14 projects over the past several months. These projects focus on research and the development of tools and technologies to help prepare air and water quality management systems for extreme weather – EcoSeed Staff

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