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RenewableUK: U.K. energy reforms 'unnecessarily risky'

British renewable energy group RenewableUK said Britain's small wind industry is under threat after government announced subsidy cuts, the reduction potentially limiting the deployment of new production plants.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change announced that the feed-in tariff for wind generators with a production capacity of up to 100 kilowatts will be reduced from the current 25.4 pence ($0.39) per kilowatt-hour to 21 pence/kWh starting December.

Quoting a study by Element Energy, RenewableUK said the reduced subsidies would limit new deployment to less than 8 megawatts a year, which is equivalent to only four large-scale turbines.

They said the industry could have employed up to 9,000 people by 2020, but the cuts would put that at risk.

In a report from GreenWise, RenewableUK's small and medium wind development manager Indre Vaizgelaite was quoted as saying the cuts were introduced with just a few months' notice and jeopardized the industry's production ramp-up to deliver economies of scale.

Ms. Vaizgelaite British small wind has been a "success story" with many major manufacturers based in the country.

"There is now a real risk that these jobs will go overseas - an unnecessary risk. Small wind was in no danger of overshooting the deployment trajectory the Department for Energy and Climate Change had set for it, with 95 per cent of feed-in tariff payments going to other technologies, making this decision even more puzzling," Ms. Vaizgelaite told GreenWise. – EcoSeed Staff

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