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Applied Materials receives IEC Certification for world’s largest solar panels

Logo of Applied Materials Inc. Image courtesy of Applied Materials Inc.

Applied Materials recently announced that it has received International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification for the 5.7-square meter thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) modules produced by its SunFab Thin Film Line. It is the world’s largest single solar module.

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Certification was awarded by TÜV InterCert, which confirmed that the 5.7-square meter panels meet IEC standards 61646 and 61730. Applied Materials is the second company that recently received IEC certification of thin-film PV panels in that size, with Signet Solar being granted the same certification for the same panel size two days earlier. IEC certification was granted for single and more advanced tandem junction technologies of modules produced by the SunFab Thin Film Line. Applied Materials’ quarter-sized SunFab modules at 1.4 square-meters received IEC certification earlier this year.

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A full-size 5.7-square meter module proved to be more difficult to receive IEC certification than the smaller quarter-size panel. Maintaining high power output for a full-size panel after years of exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, wind, and precipitation was a greater challenge than that of smaller modules. Applied Materials incorporated an integrated bonded-rail support structure to strengthen the module and let it hold up after years of wear, which also simplifies the mounting structure and reduces installation costs.

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Applied Materials has recently set up the SunFab Thin Film Line in Spain, India, Taiwan, China, and now India. Applied Materials is the world leader in Nanomanufacturing Technology™, which is used in constructing production lines of solar PV cells, semiconductor chips, LCD flat panels, flexible electronics, and energy-efficient glass. Applied Materials aims to be the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for the emerging thin-film solar PV industry. Applied Materials is listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol AMAT. The stock was down 0.35% on Mat 29, closing at $11.26.

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