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Climate Talks

Americans want limits on CO2 pollution from power plants – N.R.D.C. survey

Americans want limits on CO2 pollution from power plants – N.R.D.C. survey
N.R.D.C. poll finds Americans want limits set on carbon pollution from power plants

A large percentage of Americans, including Republicans and Democrats, endorse setting limits on dangerous carbon pollution from the power plants of the country, according to a national poll conducted for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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Based on the findings of the N.R.D.C. survey, 65 percent of Americans want carbon pollution limits to be set in order to reduce the greenhouse gases that drive climate change. In addition to the large percentage of people that want limits on carbon pollution, 61 percent of Americans back the major climate action plan that President Obama unveiled back in June 25 (see related story).

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“It’s important that this is not a generational or regional issue – people in all age groups and in every region of the country endorse this plan. Simply put, Americans want to see something done to counteract climate change, and they say setting limits on power plant emissions is an important step,” said Jay Campbell, senior vice president at Hart Research Associates.

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N.R.D.C.’s poll was also able to reveal that 49 percent of Republicans actually favor the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency establishing standards to curb power plant carbon pollution. On the other hand, 84 percent of Democrats and 56 percent of independents are in support of establishing standards.

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“The public wants Washington to address the issue of climate change, including Republicans who indicate strong support for each of the individual components of the plan. Not taking action is not an option the public will accept,” said Robert Carpenter, President of Chesapeake.

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At present, there are limits on the amount of soot, arsenic, and mercury that are allowed into the air and water. However, there are no federal limits for carbon dioxide emissions. Because off this, around 1,500 power plants in the U.S. release approximately 2.4 billion tons of carbon pollution into the air annually.

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The poll was done on the period of July 1 to July 7, 2013, surveying 808 registered voters nationwide. The poll gauged the support for power plant standards and the president’s climate plan and found sizable backing for each part of the president’s plan and rising intensity of concern about climate change. – EcoSeed Staff

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