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Climate Talks

U.N.F.C.C.C. to hold interactive workshop on long-term financing for climate change

The United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change will be holding the first transparent and interactive workshop on long-term climate change finance on July 9 to 11, as part of ongoing global initiatives to heighten the mobilization of a climate change fund for developing countries after 2012.

The three-day event will explore options for the mobilization of financial resources from a wide variety of sources such as public and private sectors, bilateral and multilateral banks, other alternative sources, as well as discuss related analytical work. Another workshop is already planned for later this year.

This follows the request from governments during the United Nations Climate Change in Durban, South Africa at the end of 2011.

There will be about 180 representatives from national governments, financial institutions, private sectors, civil society and academic experts who are expected to participate in the event at Maritim hotel in Bonn, Germany.

The upcoming event is part of the U.N.F.C.C.'s efforts to extend the Kyoto Protocol which aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable projects and developments.

Interested stakeholders can join the workshop through live and on-demand webcast, where they can give out questions to the panelists via social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, using the @UN_climatechange Twitter account, using the hashtag#LTFchat and via the UNFCCC Facebook Long-term Finance event page at – EcoSeed Staff

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