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Discrediting advertisements on carbon pollution standards outrages organizations

Discrediting advertisements on carbon pollution standards outrages organizations
Various radio stations are airing discrediting advertisements aimed at the newly proposed carbon pollution standards.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, and more than two dozen organizations, is urging the Federal Communications Commission to investigate various radio stations’ discrediting advertisement regarding the newly proposed carbon pollution standards.

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Twenty-eight national and state organizations are urging the F.C.C. to investigate 23 radio stations in five states that are airing discrediting radio advertisements aimed at the first-ever proposed carbon pollution standards.

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The newly proposed carbon pollution standards by the Environmental Protection Agency was released earlier this month and is the very first plan to address carbon pollution from already existing power plants (see related story).

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In the letter sent by the organizations, they are asking the F.C.C. to investigate 23 radio stations that are continuously running false and misleading radio advertisements that are sponsored by the National Mining Association.

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The discrediting advertisements are being aired in five states: Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

“We request that the F.C.C. investigate whether the radio stations running this misleading advertisement are properly serving their communities,” the various groups wrote.

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According to the various groups, they have sent multiple letters over the last three weeks to the respective stations’ managers, requesting them to cease airing those ads. However, the letters have gone unanswered.

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The N.M.A. has attempted to defend its advertisements against N.R.D.C.’s critique and the Washington Post’s fact checker, but have only lead to piling more deception onto its misleading ad claims, N.R.D.C. wrote in a letter addressing the N.M.A.’s most recent letter.

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The letter of the various groups regarding the investigation of the aired discrediting advertisements is in line with the F.C.C.’s advice to broadcasters that they are “to be responsible to the community they serve and act with reasonable care to ensure that advertisements aired on their stations are not false or misleading.”

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Among the 28 organizations that are urging for action are, Climate Parents, Climate Solutions, Greenpeace U.S.A., SustainUS, and Environment America, just to name a few. – L. Polintan

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