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Hong Kong welcomes China's air pollution measures, to curb emissions too

Hong Kong welcomes China's air pollution measures, to curb emissions too
Hong Kong to further curb emissions, following China’s air pollution measures.

Hong Kong welcomes China's measures to reduce air pollution. Following the mainland’s lead, the special administrative region also plans to take steps to curb its emissions.

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The Hong Kong government welcomed China's new measures to reduce air pollution on the mainland (see related story). Hong Kong believes that the measures would also be able to contribute to the improvement of the regional air quality in the Pearl River Delta.

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According to Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department, some of the measures of China are relevant to the Pearl River Delta region, a region where Hong Kong can contribute under the “One Country, Two Systems” principle through the “A Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong,” which will provide a good base to strengthen collaboration with Guangdong Province and Macau.

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Just like China, Hong Kong reiterated that it too has already imposed stringent emission caps on its power plants, which has resulted in the significant reduction of pollutant emissions.

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In addition to already imposed emission caps, Hong Kong plans to conduct a review of the fuel mix for power generation to strike a balance among the energy policy objectives of safety, reliability, affordability and environmental protection. The region will also mandate the use of cleaner marine fuel for local vessels and for ocean-going vessels to switch to a cleaner fuel.

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Just this month, Hong Kong has made plans to use zero emission buses under its “A Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong” to improve air quality and reduce air pollution in the region (see related story). – EcoSeed Staff

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