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Proposed Keystone XL pipeline fails Obama’s climate test – N.R.D.C. analysis

Proposed Keystone XL pipeline fails Obama’s climate test – N.R.D.C. analysis
An area where the Keystone XL project will go through. Allowing the project could mean billions of metric tons of carbon pollution.

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline will contribute billions of metric tons of carbon pollution, failing President Obama’s approval condition, found an analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline, which will run 2,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas, will carry what the environmental organization Friends of the Earth International considers to be one of the world’s dirtiest fuels – tar sands oil. Because of the nature of the oil, N.R.D.C.’s analysis found that the project would add up to 1.2 billion metric tons more carbon pollution than if it carried conventional crude.

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This is because the extraction, production, and refining of tar sands oil is more carbon-intensive than conventional oil. In fact, the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that tar sands emissions are 81 percent higher than conventional oil.

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According to N.R.D.C.’s analysis, the amount of carbon pollution that the pipeline will add up is more than the amount that every car in the U.S. releases into the air in one year. The increase in carbon pollution would also invalidate the efforts of other emissions reduction initiatives that the country has underway, such as the new U.S. heavy truck emissions and efficiency rules.

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N.R.D.C. highlighted President Obama’s statement back in June 25, saying that if the Keystone XL project will exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution then it will not win an approval. Rejecting the project would avoid 18.7 million to 24.3 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year.

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“Our analysis clearly demonstrates that the Keystone XL pipeline would dramatically boost the development of dirty tar sands oil, significantly exacerbating the problem of climate pollution,” said Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, director of N.R.D.C.’s international program.

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“Approve it, and our children’s future is jeopardized. Deny it, and we’ll avoid sending over a billion tons of additional carbon pollution into the air. The right choice is obvious: Keystone XL fails the president’s climate test and he should reject it to protect our national interest,” she added. – EcoSeed Staff

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