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China to join International Renewable Energy Agency

In an effort to double the share of renewable energy worldwide by 2030, China has announced it will join the International Renewable Energy Agency. The country’s accession marks Irena’s 160th state membership.

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“China looks forward to becoming a full member of Irena soon, as well as working alongside all countries for greater achievements in global renewable energy development,” said Liu Qi, Vice-Minister of the National Energy Administration of China, at Irena’s 3rd annual Assembly in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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Irena recognizes China as a world leader in renewable energy technology manufacturing as well as in the use of renewable sources, such as hydropower, wind and solar for power generation. It currently has 249 gigawatts hydropower installed capacity, 63 GW of wind 7 GW of solar.

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“The decision of China to join Irena is a milestone in international efforts to promote renewable energy,” said Adnan Amin, Irena’s Director-General, welcoming the country’s participation.

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“I am delighted with the confidence China has shown in Irena and I look forward to their active participation in the global effort for a clean energy future for all,” he added.

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China is now the world’s largest energy consumer and producer, with total installed capacity of 1,140 GW. It aims to power up its fast growing economy with renewable energy.

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By 2015, the country seeks to raise its renewable energy capacity by 11.4 percent under its 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) for National Economic and Social Development. By 2020, renewables should account for 15 percent of its overall primary energy consumption.

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To hit these targets, China just recently announced it will add 49 gigawatts of renewables to its energy mix this year (see related story). – EcoSeed Staff

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