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Irena recommends additional supporting policies for renewable energy deployment

Irena recommends additional supporting policies for renewable energy deployment
Crane on the construction site of a wind turbine plant in Germany.

A new brief on renewable energy deployment in Pacific Island countries and territories was released by the International Renewable Energy Agency, addressing the present conditions of renewable energy policies and proposing measures that could spur successful implementation.

“Political support has been broadly recognized as key to facilitating the implementation of the agenda for transforming energy systems,” said Irena. However, while the region has seen a strong political commitment to renewable energy, deployment remains a challenge, it noted.

All countries in the Pacific have adopted a national energy policy, as well as a renewable energy target. Nevertheless, “policy design and implementation often lags behind” according to Irena.

In order to achieve the targets set, the paper suggests a clean and comprehensive policy roadmap and financial plan for renewable energy targets and national energy policies.

Likewise, it underscored the importance of empowering dedicated government bodies to manage the effectiveness of policy design and implementation, and track the progress in achieving the national renewable energy targets.

The paper also underscored the need to support data collection, analysis and dissemination for energy supply and demand, calling for an asset register database of renewable energy projects and infrastructure.

“This will guide policy-making and facilitate realistic planning. Therefore, increased financial resources and training are needed for statistics institutions,” said Irena.

Financial resources

Financial resources are crucial to the seamless deployment of renewable energy, but they are still one of the barriers yet to be overcome.

Significantly, high upfront costs of renewable energy technologies is a major concern. The paper said designing and implementing novel and sustainable products, along with other renewable energy-oriented devices, could spur investments and boost greater uptake of renewable.

In governments, there is a competition between sectors for limited public funding. To address this, Irena recommends the adoption of clear priorities and promotion of regional initiatives.

“Renewable energy deployment requires an enabling environment with conditions that are conducive to fostering investments,” stressed the paper.

Governments can help shape these enabling bodies by means of supporting the adoption of policy and regulatory framework, removing administrative barriers to renewable energy investment and use, and elevating the attractiveness of such investments.

Irena is an the intergovernmental organization dedicated to renewable energy which acts as a policy adviser to countries. – C. Dominguez

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