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New Energy Husum 2013 puts the spotlight on new sectors

Energy-efficient building, electric vehicles and storage technology are important exhibition topics

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Husum – New Energy Husum will be putting the spotlight on energy-efficient building, electric vehicles and storage technology from 21 to 24 March 2013. “Because these topics are becoming increasingly relevant, we want to give them a greater showcase by providing special exhibition areas and dedicated lecture events”, says Peter Becker, managing director of Messe Husum & Congress. The solar and wind power sectors are the biggest showers at this year’s fair, constituting around half of the 300 exhibitors.

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Exhibition space for electric vehicles and energy-efficient building concepts

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Exhibitors of electric bicycles are showing on their own exhibition area in Hall 2 (Stand 2C19 and 2C20). Visitors to the fair can try out these means of electric transportation on site: The exhibitors invite visitors to have test drives with their eBikes, electric scooters and cars on the test track in front of Hall 1. New Energy Husum offers owners of electric vehicles another service: they can recharge their vehicles at an electric charging station next to the test track.

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New Energy Husum has also reserved a special exhibition area for energy-efficient building this year, including an integrated lecture forum. “An increasing number of homebuilders and developers place great value on a well insulated house with low energy loss”, says Thomas Seifried, project manager at New Energy Husum. In Hall 4, 25 exhibitors will be providing information about passive and low-energy houses and associated technologies.

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Storage Technology Forum

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“Energy storage systems is an important topic for the future, and we will be addressing this here for the first time this year”, days exhibition boss Becker. At the Energy Storage Forum in the NordseeCongressCentrum on 22 March, experts will be explaining the latest state of the technology, talking about the energy transition in the heating sector, and discussing opportunities for storing heat in the ground.

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The topic of power storage is also gaining significance at the trade fair: the number of exhibitors has increased over last year. Visitors to the fair can find out about the various power storage solutions, such as lead batteries or lithium-ion technology, at a total of ten stands.

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Most exhibitors in photovoltaics and small wind turbines sectors

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With 75 of the almost 300 exhibitors, photovoltaics is the sector most present at the 2013 fair. “Fortunately the number of exhibitors has remained constant compared with last year, despite the crisis in the solar sector”, says Becker. “This is primarily due to the fact that increasing electricity prices are making self-use of solar power more appealing. Photovoltaic panels are still attractive for homeowners and businesses despite cuts in subsidies”

New Energy Husum is the most important exhibition for the small wind turbine industry worldwide. With 65 small wind turbine manufacturers from twelve countries, small-scale wind power is the second strongest exhibitor segment after photovoltaics. “The importance of small wind turbine technology is noticeably increasing”, says Becker. “Here the trend is also towards own consumption: despite low subsidies it is still possible to operate a small turbine profitably. Everyone who wants to be independent of the main energy suppliers is a prospective wind turbine owner.”

About New Energy Husum

In recent years, New Energy Husum has established itself as one of the most important trade fairs for the renewable energy sector. Since 2002 it has served as a stage for decentralised energy generation using all kinds of renewable sources. Topics and techniques covered by the fair include small wind turbines (up to 100 kW), biogas, solid biomass (pellets, firewood and wood chips for heating systems), solar heating, photovoltaics, electric vehicles, near-surface geothermal energy, energy storage, energy-efficient building and mini CHPs. From 21 to 24 March 2013 experts and leading manufacturers will be meeting again in the North Frisian town of Husum to set the course for the innovations needed in what is a rapidly growing market.

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