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Press Releases

Moventas establishes a subsidiary in Chile

Moventas, one of the world’s leading gear manufacturers and service providers, has opened a subsidiary in Santiago, Chile. Moventas intends to develop a stronger than before sales and service presence in the competitive Chilean and Peruvian markets.

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Moventas has been present in the Chilean market for five years. To strengthen and grow its local operations, Moventas has now established a subsidiary, Moventas SPA, in Santiago, Chile. The Chilean company will serve customers in the geographical areas of Chile and Peru.

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Our objective is to increase our active participation as a supplier in mining and pulp and paper investment projects, and providing our extensive aftermarket service to our entire installed base in Peru and Chile. Our operation as a legal entity in this area allows our participation as a valid supplier for all companies in Chile, comments General Manager of Moventas SPA Rolando Pinto.

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Led by Rolando Pinto, Moventas SPA has also recently recruited new experienced professionals; a sales manager and a service manager.

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Moventas, with expertise and experience of over 120 years in the heavy-duty gear industry, offers high-quality power transmission solutions and extensive service to wind energy, pulp and paper as well as the mining industry.

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Our strengths in both the Chilean and Peruvian markets are competitive products as well as a recognized, Finnish reputation as a trustworthy, customer-friendly business partner, adds Pinto.

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Moventas’ service portfolio covers the entire product lifecycle from design, manufacture and repairs to spare parts, upgrades and overhaul. Moventas also offers a state-of-the-art condition management system, CMaS, for real-time preventive maintenance of both wind and other industrial gears, also providing 24/7 support from gearbox experts on call.

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Moventas is one of the world’s leading industrial and wind gear manufacturers providing power transmission solutions to a variety of industries including the wind energy, pulp and paper, mining, and marine markets in addition to supplying comprehensive services for the overhaul, maintenance and remote management of gears. Moventas has 970 employees in 14 countries and a worldwide partner network. Moventas is part of the global engineering group Clyde Blowers. Read more at

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