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Press Releases

Philippines Power & Electricity

Event: Philippines Power & Electricity
Date: 26 February – 1 March 2013
Venue: InterContinental Manila, Philippines

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Event Introduction

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IBC Asia’s Philippines Power & Electricity Conference will be the FIRST to uncover new investment opportunities from power generation, transmission & distribution through to the Philippines retail electricity market.

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Capitalizing on quintessential government reforms as 2013 marks a turning point in the Philippines’ transition to a competitive power and electricity sector!

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Top Reasons Why You Cannot Afford To Miss Philippines Power & Electricity 2013:

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  • Discover the Latest Government Reforms & Investment Opportunities in Power & Electricity
  • Network & Partner with Government, Fuel Energy Suppliers, National and International Power Producers, Transmission & Distribution Companies
  • Hear Successful Case Studies in Conventional and Renewable Power Projects
  • Learn About Smart Grids, Microgrids, Transmission & Distribution Developments
  • Gain Key Insight into Australia’s Open Access Electricity Market Model & Smart Metering Best Practices
  • Evaluate Renewable Energy Off-Take and Optimal Financing Strategies for Power Projects

Key Topic Highlights:

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  • Power Sector Government Reforms
  • Competitive Electricity Market Models & Smart Metering Best Practices from Australia
  • Clean Coal Technologies for More Efficient Coal Power Projects
  • Opportunities in LNG- & Gas-Fired Power Generation
  • Hydropower Localization & Rehabilitation, Mini-Hydro- & Biomass Power Plant Initiatives
  • Commercializing Untapped Geothermal Resources
  • Smart Grid and Micro Grid Applications for Improved Electricity Transmission & Distribution
  • Public-Private Partnerships, Financing & Risk Allocation for Power Projects

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