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Press Releases

III Forum of Biomass Combustion

For the third time, we are happy to invite you to Forum of Biomass Combustion. The conference has been evolving and in the result, the national event has turned into the international meeting for biomass sector, to which it is worth to participate.

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The two-day forum consists of debates, meetings and accompanying events to which attend the guests from the whole Europe. The topics of discussions are the issues which are essential for the sector. The main aim of the forum is to gather together biomass experts from the whole world in purpose of sharing the latest achievements and all the aspects of biomass use in energetics. Nowadays the Forum is functioning as the platform of sharing knowledge and an important tool in the transfer of technology and innovations.

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Every year, numerous biomass experts come for the Forum. Among them you will find: experts from energy sector and industry in the broad sense, biomass suppliers, scientists, engineers, technology providers, industrial organisations, financial institutions as well as representatives of government and administration. Last year we hosted about half a thousand participants. We would like to add that Deputy Prime Minister, Ministry of Economy, Mr. Janusz Piechociński has become the Honorary Patron of our Forum.

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At the upcoming III edition of the Forum, we would like to focus on the main problems the biomass market has to face (business and technical aspects). Experts will evaluate biomass resources in the market and will discuss the policy of development, considering experience from the whole world. The latest solutions and products will be also presented.

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As usual, The Award Gala "Titans of Energy 2013" will be a part of the III edition of the Forum. Once again, we will invite you to the compelling Wieliczka Salt Mine. The gala takes place in the room "Warszawa" which is situated 122,5 meters below the surface of land.

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The Titans of Energy is the unique contest for companies from the sector in a broad sense that have had the best practises regarding energy efficiency, environment protection and environmentally-friendly production of biofuels as well as providers of best solutions for the sector. We put a great effort for the next edition of Titans of Energy to become a contest that creates the new standards for the sector.

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We would like to invite you to the partnership and/or participation. See you in Cracow! For more details please visit:

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