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GL Systems Certification joins WindMade

Hamburg/Brussels/Vienna, 5 February 2013. GL Systems Certification has joined WindMade as one of its accredited verifying partners. The certification body of classification society Germanischer Lloyd thereby commits itself to supporting the WindMade label by aiding in the development of the label.

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The WindMade label, which is backed by the UN Global Compact, WWF, Vestas and the Global Wind Energy Council, requires participating companies to obtain at least 25% of their electricity from wind power. The WindMade label was created to allow companies to communicate their commitment to renewable energy while providing consumers with the choice to favour companies and products using wind power.

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"WindMade fits in with our Vision, Mission and Values, and our goal of becoming a world class technical advisor and trusted partner in assurance, consulting and classification. Our mission is to do so in a way that is safer, greener and smarter," said Markus Weber, GL Systems Certification. "By supporting the use of renewable energies and verifying this use with the WindMade label, we can help to build consumer confidence in the environmental credibility of products."

"GL Systems Certifications is one of the world's leading certification service providers, both in the renewable energy sector and beyond, and we are proud to count the company among our members," said Henrik Kuffner, WindMade's CEO.

About GL Systems Certification

GL Group is a leading technical service provider in three fast growing global segments: Renewables, Oil & Gas and Maritime. With more than 6,900 employees GL Group offers technical assurance (classification, certification, inspection), consulting and project management services. Integrated in GL Group's global expert network GL Systems Certification offers Energy-, Carbon- and Sustainability Services such as Energy Management, Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Analysis and CDM Validation / Verification.

To learn more about GL Systems Certification, please visit:

About WindMade™

WindMade is the first global label for enterprises, events and products that use wind power. The label is managed and awarded by an independent non-profit organization. The aim of the WindMade label is to give enterprises the opportunity to communicate their commitment to wind power, and thus reinforce the use of renewable energy sources. The transparency of the label makes it possible for consumers to favor businesses that make a direct contribution to promoting renewable energy. For more information about WindMade, see

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