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Green Power Resource Management to Start Volume Production on Improved Solar Powered Air Conditioner & Virtual Power Plant

New units offer energy savings and power backup when the grid goes down

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ESCONDIDO, Calif., Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Power Resource Management, Inc. (GPRM), has announced plans to start volume production of its Solar Powered Air Conditioner & Virtual Power Plant in its new manufacturing facility located in Escondido, Ca. The packaged unit provides efficient cooling, ac power out, and backup energy powered directly from solar panels for residential and small commercial buildings. GPRM is using the KICKSTARTER crowdfunding method ( to help introduce the product.

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The GPRM100 is a Solar Powered Air Conditioner & Virtual Power Plant. It will change the way people access renewable energy sources to obtain emergency power when the grid goes down and achieve daily cost savings related to energy use. What makes this system different is that it is totally dc engineered and runs directly off solar panels, a wind turbine, batteries or the ac power in your home or office. It also provides renewable energy to other devices like a TV, lights, refrigerator or a computer even when the grid is down. There is nothing else like this on the market today. (

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Ralph Ciarlanti III, GPRM CFO commented: "Typical solar installations are grid-tied and do not provide power when the grid goes down. Most customers do not know this. These systems are usually oversized and are not as cost effective compared to the GPRM100. Compared to a typical air conditioner, the solar powered GPRM100 can be up to 30 times more efficient since it combines solar, battery and AC power".

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Introductory package includes: 13,500 BTU/hr cooling capacity (up to 1,000 SF depending on energy efficiency of structure), battery backup providing 450Ah of power, and two plug-in receptacles providing 1,500 W/hr ac power out. Larger batteries and power options available.

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Ron Broussard, GPRM CEO & President commented: "GPRM's patent pending environmental control system, efficiently manages the use of renewable energy, and the charging & energy storage system to provide power at the lowest cost possible for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Target markets include residential and small commercial spaces such as offices, schools, off-grid applications such as military, mining & drilling, forestry, and telecom cell towers."

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About Green Power Resource Management, Inc.

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GPRM utilizes its proprietary and patented technologies to design and manufacture Green Products that significantly reduce energy & cooling costs, provide energy for off-the-grid applications, emergency back up power, and help humanity by delivering distributed clean water and energy for disaster relief efforts. Product lines include the Solar Powered Air Conditioner & Virtual Power Plant, and the Solar Powered Mobile Water Filtration & Purification Systems.

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