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Geothermal Power Asia Congress 2013 to see more success geothermal projects

Geothermal Power Asia Congress 2013 will be taking place from May 21-22 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Indonesia, projected to be the World’s 7th largest economy by McKinsey & Company by 2050, has witnessed a stable 6% GDP Growth over the past years. Bestowed with nearly 40% of the world’s geothermal potential, it is now on a fast track to expand its renewable energy capacity by increasing its geothermal installed capacity to 6,000MW by 2015 and provide 25% of national energy consumption by 2025, meaning a 14 billion USD investment will be needed if the target is to be met. To this end, the Indonesian government has made progressive efforts to foster a stable and conducive environment to attract private investors’ involvement by streamlining tendering process, setting up specific geothermal fund and more importantly, increasing feed-in-tariff for power generated from geothermal plant. It’s a great moment for the industry, challenging yet exciting!

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The Geothermal Power Asia Congress 2013 provides you this precious opportunity to meet active players across the value chain in Indonesia and neighboring countries to share proved experience, ideas, and learn in-depth insights.

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Topics to be addressed
Political and fiscal Incentives Study
Geothermal resources data enhancement and availability
Geothermal power generation in oil field
Financing and investment climate and solutions
Advancement in drilling, exploration and power generation efficiency
Forest geothermal resources development and challenges

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Through our thoroughly researched agenda, we are expecting 150+ executive attendees and 25+ decision makers like regulatory agencies, project developers, operators, EPC contractors, equipment providers, investors, law firms and analysts to join this two day event. We are confident that with our accomplished experience in event organizing, you will find this opportunity both interesting and rewarding in a businesslike setting.

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For the latest information and registration details, please email us or call our hotline: +86 21 58300710. Any enquiries, please feel free to let us know.

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