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Press Releases

Lighting a Fire in Indian clean coal Industry: The 2nd Annual World Clean Coal Week India Focus 2013

WCCW India Focus 2013, supported by Govt. of India, CCSA, UCG and MUMA, will be held from April 18-19 in New Delhi, India.

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Coal, the world's most abundant fossil fuel, plays a vital role in the world energy mix. It supplies 24 percent of the total global energy and 40 percent of global electricity. In Asia, coal accounts for almost 75 percent of electricity generation nationally, and is most likely to remain the principal fuel source in the future.

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As a prospering country with world’s 5th largest coal reserve, India’s energy mix mainly comprises of coal (52 per cent), oil (32 per cent), gas (10 per cent), hydro electricity (5 per cent) and nuclear energy (1 per cent). Coal demand is expected to rise 41% in the year ending March 2017. Against the background of climate change and the nature of Indian coal, clean coal technologies such as coal upgrading, coal gasification, UCG, CTL and CCS have been highly advocated by the governments, coal and power producers to secure a sustainable, reliable and economical power industry.

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With our seasoned expertise in clean coal industry, WCCW is now in its 2nd successful year. Themed as the “Roadmap to Active Deployment of Cleaner Coal Technologies”, the two-day summit featuring the top-level speaker panels and cutting-edge technology showcases is ideally timed to examine the vital questions that will shape Indian clean coal future. The India Focus 2013 is an event for you to attain deep understandings on India and other countries’ clean coal initiatives, roadmap, regulatory environment, ongoing pilots of pioneer coal owners and utilities, network national and international clean coal industry executives and share insights on the future market developments.

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2013 Event Features:

  • Hear from senior clean coal leaders from India, the U.S., China and Germany
  • Project updates on the Clean Coal Power Plants, CTL and UCG projects in India and beyond
  • Innovations and Key developments in clean coal technology-Gasification, Liquefaction, Methanation
  • Tailored-made technological roundtable for technology licensors
  • Deep concern about the environment issues and potential solutions

Previous Eminent Speakers of top management from:

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Ministry of Coal, Govt of India; Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India; BHEL; Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research; Centre for Fuel Studies and Research; New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO);Central Coalfields Limited; Jindal Steel Power Limited (JSPL); Global CCS Institute; Reliance Technology Group

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WCCW Advisory Committee
Fredrick Palmer, Chairman, World Coal Association
Andrew Minchener, Associate Principal, IEA Clean Coal Center
Dennis Bracy, CEO, US-China Clean Coal Forum
Thomas Sarkus, Director, NETL, DOE
B. Bhambhani, Former Executive Director, BHEL
Sun Maoyuan, Chairman, China United , Coalbed Methane Co.
Li Jinping, President, Lu'an Group
Zhang Minling, Vice President, Yankuang Group

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