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Back You are here: Home More Press Releases A new strategic partnership between Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and nova-Institute is ready to offer industrial customers a full service to go from the original idea to the market.

Press Releases

A new strategic partnership between Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and nova-Institute is ready to offer industrial customers a full service to go from the original idea to the market.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and nova-Institute today announced their strategic partnership in the biobased economy. The unique offer for development and scale-up of biobased products and processes by the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is now complemented with the economic and environmental analysis of novel processes by nova-Institute.

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The development of products from sustainable resources and processes too often fails to step out of the research laboratories.

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From today on, companies and research institutes can rely on the expertise of the nova- Institute and the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant for the choice of feedstock, the life cycle analysis of the novel product, a marketing strategy, the development of a scalable process, the production of the first sample material for application testing and the custom manufacturing of the first tonnes of product to enter the market.

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The nova-Institute was founded as a private and independent institute in 1994. It is located in the Chemical Park Knapsack in Hürth, which lies at the heart of the chemical industry around Cologne (Germany).For over 18 years now, the nova-Institute has been globally active in feedstock supply, techno-economic evaluation (TEE), market research, life cycle assessments (LCA), dissemination, project management and policy advice for a sustainable bio-based economy.

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Managing director Michael Carus: “Together we can support biobased innovation from the lab scale to commercial scale and markets. Techno-economic and environmental evaluations are an invaluable tool to steer pilot plant processing and optimizations.”

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The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is a flexible and diversified pilot plant for biobased products and processes based in Ghent, Belgium. It offers support in development, optimization and scale-up of new bioprocesses, and custom manufacturing of biobased products at the kilogram to multi-tonne scale. The pilot plant is fully equipped to execute every aspect of the bioprocess on a single location: from the biomass up to the final bioproduct. It has state of the art equipment to perform biorefining operations, fermentation, bioconversion, green chemistry and up- anddownstream processing for product recovery and purification.

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The Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant is an ideal partner for open innovation. As an independent company, it is accessible to companies and research institutes from around the world for service projects, strategic collaborations and publicly funded projects.

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Managing Director Wim Soetaert: “By joining forces with the nova-Institute, our extensive expertise in bioprocessing is now complemented with techno-economic and environmental analysis. That way, we can better serve our customers and bring open innovation into practice.”

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