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Allure Energy Introduces NFC Capabilities in EverSense 2.0 Home Environment and Energy Management Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Allure Energy, Inc. introduced their next generation product, EverSense 2.0 with NFC capabilities, at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas on January 6, 2013. As the industry leader of proximity control technologies, Allure Energy's next generation product will now include NFC capabilities to further enhance the user's experience while they are at home.

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Using a mobile app called EverSense and an Android phone having NFC, users can easily modify their home environment by simply setting their phone on a countertop or a nightstand. Instead of getting up to change the temperature at night, or turn off the music, a user simply sets the phone on a SyncPad and EverSense 2.0 automatically adjusts the home environment to the user's preferences.

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"Allure Energy is attempting to do for the home energy management and automation industry what Apple did for the music industry," says Kevin Imes, CEO of Allure Energy, "make it simple to use, fun, and just cool. With EverSense 2.0 we are creating an Interactive Home Environment that users can easily setup and have managed automatically. Imagine going to bed and setting your phone on your nightstand and the lights turn off, the thermostat adjusts, and your alarm is set. EverSense 2.0 will make this a reality for main stream consumers."

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As a platform, EverSense 2.0 will allow users to add other smart devices to the EverSense ecosystem as they become available. Each smart device can be managed, using proximity control while consumers are away from home, and NFC control while users are at home. Proximity control manages the home's environment and energy usage based on how far, or near, each user may be from their residence. As homeowners leave their dwelling, the environment in their home is altered based on how far away they are. As they return, EverSense 2.0 automatically creates the ideal environment they want. Adjustments are determined on the user's smart phone based on their current location. The user's location remains on their smart phone and is never sent into the cloud, ensuring the user's privacy.

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Available in early 2013, EverSense 2.0 will also include other features, such as speakers for playing streaming audio, a weather application including an animated radar, and thermostat control using location services within the EverSense mobile app.

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Allure Energy, Inc. is a smart technology provider based in Austin, Texas. Allure Energy develops leading-edge smart solutions that enhance a user's experience with minimal effort. As consumers and energy providers search for ways to reduce energy consumption without increasing costs, a balance must be maintained between privacy, security, lifestyle, comfort, and convenience. EverSense 2.0 is that solution.

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