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The Green Upgrade Of South-East Europe

Environmental issues are of high priority for South-East Europe and the market in the relevant sectors is in need of expert experience, modern technology products and equipment.

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What are the current trends, free market niches for foreign companies and opportunities for new win-win partnerships in the Region?

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The South-East European Forum and Exhibition will give answers to these questions. The event will be organized by Via Expo for the 9th year in a row in the period 29-31 May in Sofia, Bulgaria. Through the years it has been continuously broadening its scope and as a result the 2013 edition will incorporate several concurrent events covering related topics with direct environmental impact – renewable energy, energy efficiency [1], smart buildings [2] and waste management [3].

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SEE Forum & Exhibition will act as a successful networking and technology transfer platform for meetings between key industry leaders on a global scale.


  • Austrian and Italian Pavilions, Hungarian National Participation
  • Smart Buildings – the concept quickly gained popularity in SE Europe, which market has growing potential. This initiative is the only specialized b2b event in Bulgaria with a focus on the integrated building automation and management systems.
  • Comprehensive program with keynote speakers from the European Commission – DG Energy, European Commission - DG Environment, European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Association for Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology within VDMA, etc.
  • Main Exhibition/Forum accents: waste prevention, recycling, building integrated photovoltaics, smart buildings, energy storage, energy efficiency, waste-to-energy and bioenergy.
  • Vast international promotion in 18 countries

Brochure Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Smart Buildings [4]
Brochure Waste Management [5]
Organizer: Via Expo - [6]

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