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Press Releases

Automotive World 2013

Dates: January 16th – 18th, 2013 / Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Organised by: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. / Supported by: SAE International

Industry leaders will disclose their strategies on Next-generation Vehicles.

Tokyo – The automotive industry is in the era of transition, facing new situations such as the rise of eco-friendly vehicles, growing popularization of connected vehicles and development of emerging markets. To survive the fast-changing industry, keeping up with the market leaders’ strategies and the latest technological development is essential.

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At AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2013 Technical Conference (January 16-18, 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight), leading companies such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, MAZDA, VOLVO, ROBERT BOSCH, DENSO, CONTINENTAL, FUJITSU… will disclose their strategies on “Next-generation Vehicles” and the latest development situation on emerging technologies, such as Wireless EV Charging, Connected Vehicles, and so on.

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See below to have a glimpse of the first-class conference which gathers thousands of attendees every year. (Full Program: )

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<<Pickup-1>> Strategies of the leading companies on “Next-generation Vehicles”
Now that eco-friendly vehicles have become one of the mainstreams, development of PHV, HEV and EV has become one of the most important challenges for every automotive manufacturer worldwide. This year, in commemoration of 5th Anniversary of AUTOMOTIVE WORLD, 2 Keynote Sessions will take place - one spoken by leading automotive manufacturers and another by 3 giants from automotive components manufacturers. Keynote Session1 invites 1) Toshihiro Mibe, Managing Officer of Honda R&D and 2) Ki-Sang Lee, SVP, Eco-Friendly Vehicle System Development Div. of Hyundai Motor as speakers, who will address their current status and future vision on the development of eco-friendly vehicles. On the other hand, Keynote Session2 will address how the leading automotive components manufacturers are dealing with new developments in the industry, such as EV & HEV and Connected Vehicles, inviting 1) Dirk Hoheisel, Member of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch, 2) Hiroyuki Ina, Executive Director of Denso and 3) Christian Senger, SVP, Systems & Technology Automotive of Continental.
These 2 sessions are must-attend for every professional involved in the automotive industry to grab where the market is heading for.

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<<Pickup-2>> Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles finally being launched into the market
The major battle ground for the development of eco-friendly vehicles is shifting to PHV from HEV, each company launching Plug-in Hybrid models one after another. AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Technical Conference addresses this hot topic for the first time, inviting key persons of development teams from top 2 preceding players – TOYOTA and HONDA, and MITSUBISHI who are launching its first PHV model early next year. >>Details: [Auto-1] Latest Trends of PHV (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle)

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<<Pickup-3>> Wireless EV Charging
Wireless charging technology is gaining industry’s full attention as a solution to dramatically enhance EV’s usability and reduce the cost. Its international standardization proceeding rapidly, the industry is intent upon which technology will be adopted. At this session, you can get an overview of 3 different technologies for Wireless EV Charging from major promoter of each technology. >> Details: [Auto-3] Technical Development and Standardization of Wireless EV Charging

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<<Pickup-4>> Connected Vehicle whose market is expanding
Another current hot topic is “Connected Vehicles”, whose global market scale is predicted to expand by nine times by 2025 (according to Fuji Keizai). While constant internet/smartphone access realizes increased user convenience, its complexity and variability greatly increase safety concerns. In this session, key persons from DENSO, FUJITSU and AutoNavi Software will introduce their cases. >> Details: [Auto-6] Latest Technology Trends of Connected Vehicle The full program covers other hot topics, such as Motor and Secondary Battery Technology for EV/HEV, In-vehicle Ethernet, Weight Reduction Technologies and Emerging Asian Market, and so on. Visit the website for the full program and details. >>WEBSITE

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Asia’s leading event for advanced automotive technologies, “Automotive Electronics”, “EV & HEV”, “Weight Reduction” and “Automotive IT”. The 2013 show is expected to gather 460 exhibitors & 30,000 visitors, showcasing the cutting-edge products/technologies from the technically-advanced market, Japan and around the world.
>> Visit AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2013 (FREE Invitation Tickets Request)

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Contact us:
AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Show Management, Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
Attn: Kyoko Nagakusa (Ms.), International PR
TEL: +81-3-3349-8518 / / Website:

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