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HydroVision Russia 2013 Conference and Exhibition will be supported byRusHydro

Moscow, 25 September 2012 – The major Russian hydropower event - HydroVision Russia 2013 international conference and exhibition will be held at the Expocentre in Moscow on March 5-6, 2013. The show will be supported by RusHydro, Russia’s largest hydro-generating company, the main sponsor of HydroVision Russia 2013, who has also helped to develop the conference program for the event this year.

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The HydroVision Russia Conference and Exhibition makes its third appearance in Moscow. It will bring together the leading solution providers from the Russian and international hydroelectric power community to discuss and address the challenges and issues associated with the future of hydro energy productionthe attractiveness of the industry for investment and the latest technological developments which can improve efficiency of generating companies.

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The conference program was developed by the HydroVision Russia Advisory Board which unites representatives of the hydro-generating companies and original equipment manufacturers including RusHydro, Power Machines, Alstom Hydro, INSET, Electrotyazhmash, Andritz Hydro GmbH, GE Energy and many others, including research institutions and independent experts.

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HydroVision Russia 2013 will open with a joint keynote session that will bring together RusHydro representatives, major generating and grid companies, government officials and regulating organizations. Speakers will provide an overview and assess the current state of the hydropower industry as well as indicate the future development paths. In addition, three sessions will be held during the first day of the conference: «Refurbishment», «Civil Works & Dams» and «Systems and innovation». During the second day the participants will take part in several sessions devoted to the practical solutions to meet the challenges facing the industry now and in the future: «Hydro Resources», «Design, Control Systems & Operations», «Electrical Equipment» and «Turbines». Among the HydroVision Russia 2013 keynote speakers there will be the leading experts from Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the USA.

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«In less than three years HydroVision Russia became one of the major discussion platforms for Russian and international hydroelectric power professionals. The event unites experts from all over the world and encourages professionals to share ideas, understand problems and develop practical solutions to meet the challenges facing the industry. It is important that such events are supported by the large Russian companies, such as RusHydro, whose experience helps us to improve the conference program every year, thus helping to make it more appealing for attendees - said Marla Barnes, Publisher and Chief Editor, Hydro Group, PennWell Corporation.

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HydroVision Russia 2013 International Conference and Exhibition will be running concurrently with Russia Power 2013, the largest event in the Russian power industry . In 2012 together with Russia Power, HydroVision Russia attracted 5,900 high calibre attendees from 63 countries including representatives from generating and grid companies, original equipment manufacturers, industry consultants, government officials, research institutions, media and academia.

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About JSC RusHydro

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JSC RusHydro is one of the largest Russian energy holding, uniting more than 70 objects of renewable energy in the Russian Federation and abroad. The installed capacity of the power plants, included in the composition of RusHydro, of 35.2 GW, including the capacities of JSC RAO Energy system of East. Total electric capacity is 16 168 Gcal/hour.

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RusHydro is the leader in the production of energy based on renewable sources, developing generation on the basis of the energy of the water flow, tidal, wind and geothermal energy.

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