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NEC Contributes to Airport Safety with Bird Strike Solution

Tokyo, October 11, 2012 – NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) is helping to reduce the threat of collision between birds and aircraft (bird strikes) during take off and landing by providing a new “Bird Position Detection Solution” that continuously monitors the vicinity of airports for the presence of birds. This solution has already been adopted by Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).

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In recent years, bird-strikes have caused an increasing number of problems with aircraft. Resolving this issue has become a major point of concern for airports, which are responsible for ensuring a high level of safety. As part of addressing this issue, NEC developed a solution that helps detect the position of birds and collects data on the classification of birds found in and around airport facilities.

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Currently, a large number of airports employ “bird patrol” staff to visually monitor their surroundings and activate protective control measures when birds are detected. However, this method is subject to many limitations that include human fatigue and lack of manpower.

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“The introduction of NEC’s new solution helps to ensure the early detection of birds by continuously monitoring airports and their surroundings, which enables greater efficiency in the implementation of control measures,” said Masahiro Takahashi, General Manager, Air Transportation Solutions Division, NEC. “This solution is particularly valuable for reducing the occurrence of bird strikes at airports that operate 24 hours a day and are faced with the difficulty of visually confirming bird sightings during long nighttime hours.”

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This solution consists of radar apparatus, video monitoring equipment, data processing devices and large sound-producing apparatus as outlined below:

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1) Radar apparatus
Radar measuring the horizontal movement of birds in flight is used in combination with radar that measures their altitude in order to determine the position and distance of birds in and around airport grounds.
A high-powered microwave pulse radar (*) is used in order to ensure effective detection performance both day and night.

2) Video monitoring equipment (camera)
During daylight hours, cameras are used as auxiliary equipment for the radars, primarily for observing objects on the surface of the ground, which are difficult for radars to automatically detect.
Rotating cameras are also used to automatically detect birds and cameras may be manually focused on specific subjects in order to help identify and make records of bird species.

3) Data processing devices
Terminals are used to display visual and statistical information that is detected by radar. Once detected, birds can be displayed in real time and their trajectory, history, movement and territory can be understood.
This year-round collection and analysis of bird data contributes to the understanding of birds’ behavioral patterns and the application of efficient removal methods.

4) Large sound-producing apparatus
Devices emitting highly directed sounds that birds have a low tolerance for are used to help move them to safe areas.
Through the provision of this solution, NEC is expanding its contributions to safer and more secure airport management.

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Note: (*) Radar that repeatedly transmits waves (pulses) separated by a short period of time without irradiation of successive waves.

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