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Mediterranean efforts for renewable energy united – UfM and Dii join forces

In Marrakech yesterday the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the industrial initiative Dii have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for future collaboration, as both institutions strive for the same long-term objective in fostering the use of renewable energy in the Mediterranean region. The UfM and Dii will work on enhancing and intensifying their cooperation in order to utilize existing synergies. UfM and Dii will develop their long-term strategies “Mediterranean Solar Plan” and “Desert Power 2050” for one common cause. In particular, both organisations will cooperate in the fields of policy and regulatory frameworks, assessment of transmission and storage infrastructures, EUMENA interconnections, financing tools and support schemes. A further crucial issue apparent in the Mediterranean Region will also be addressed, that being the socio-economic and industrial development and employment promotion.

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On this occasion the UfM Secretary General, Fathallah Sijilmassi: “I believe that the cooperation between the UfM and Dii, a large industrial consortium gathering major partners from the two rims of the Mediterranean, is a key step for the implementation of the Mediterranean Solar Plan, and for the development of economically and technically sound pilot projects.”

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Paul van Son, CEO of Dii: "UfM and Dii augment each other perfectly. The Union for the Mediterranean is a fascinating network of countries that will be pivotal for creating a large interconnected energy supply system for MENA and Europe. Dii will work together with UfM and its members to establish a stable market place in which investments in desert energy projects will take place for the benefit of many countries and industries in MENA and Europe.”

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