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«Microelectronics is the driver for any hi-tech development».
Heinz Kundert, President SEMI Europe.

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Organized by SEMI, the international exhibition for equipment, materials, technologies and services in the semiconductor industry - SEMICON Russia 2012 will be held on 15-16 May 2012 in Expocentre Moscow. The event supporters: Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies RUSNANO, JSC Sitronics, M+W Group, SVCS, Ferrotec and other Russian and foreign companies.

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Semiconductor industry development is one of the priority goals of the Russian modernization policy. Today the Russian Federation Government together with major international players tries to create favorable conditions for raising investment in the sector by removing administrative barriers and thus encouraging the inflow of new knowledge and technologies into the Russian industry.

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From 15 to 16 May 2012, the microelectronics and photovoltaic (PV) market leaders will traditionally meet at SEMICON Russia to exchange their knowledge and experience, strength business relations, get access to new customers and present the latest developments to the Russian and international specialists. Exhibition SEMICON Russia includes advanced technologies, materials and equipment for semiconductor industry and related sectors: PV, LEDs, MEMS, MST, flexible electronics and etc.

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The Global Trade Association SEMI is the collective voice of the global microelectronics industry on policy, regulatory and legislative issues. The mission of SEMI in Russia is the development of domestic and foreign companies’ cooperation, stimulating the local and international semiconductor market growth. Every year leading scientists, heads of the industrial and research laboratories, businessmen and government representatives take part in SEMICON Russia intensive business program.

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Prior to the exhibition, on the 14th of May in the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel will be held the Microelectronics market conference, drawing up the industry agenda: the creation of design centers’ system, the development of partnership between The State and business organizations, the formation of modern scientific and production clusters and entering into the global alliances.

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The Photovoltaic Market Session, held on 15th of May 2012, will bring up for discussion the perspectives for Solar Energy Market development in Russia and CIS countries, including creation of professional associations and the state program for environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies support. Venue: TechAENA I SEMI (Expocentre Moscow).

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16th of May, the last day of SEMICON Russia 2012 business program, is devoted to the one of the most promising sectors in the lighting industry - LED, playing the key role in energy saving. At LED Market Session the heads of the largest Russian companies, scientific institutions and enterprises will discuss current status, opportunities and challenges for LED industry development in Russia. Venue: TechARENA I SEMI (Expocentre Moscow).

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In addition, on May 16, within the exhibition, will be organized EU-RU.NET workshop, which has reached its final stage. The participants of EU-RU.NET, the international program on nanotechnologies development and cooperation between Europe and Russia in the field of nanoelectronics, will make presentations of their pilot projects. Venue: TechARENA II SEMI (Expocentre Moscow).

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For the complete information about the schedule, venue and the rules of participation in SEMICON Russia 2012 programs and events please visit exhibition website:

SEMICON Russia 2012 press-service:
Tatiana Morina
Phone: +7 495 649 6911
Cell: +7 926 012 04 39

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