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Allows for Secondary Operations Center without Disruption or Cost of Duplication

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – Apr. 11, 2012 – DN2K (, developers of advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) remote monitoring and management systems, today announced its Virtual Operations Center (VOC) capability for critical business and industrial systems.

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The new cloud-based VOC functionality allows customers to maintain a secondary operations center for redundant capability. The VOC provides an aggregated view and control of complex systems from multiple sources, or what is known as ‘islands of technology’, securely on smartphones, mobile pads or desktop computers.

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“The DN2K approach is both powerful and unique,” said Mark Meier, President of RFIP, Inc. and former Information Technology Director for the City of Oklahoma City. “The capability of maintaining continuous operations from a redundant location, without the need for duplicate hardware is of great use to our security, SCADA and industrial control customers.”

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Benefits of the DN2K VOC:

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  • Enables interim or fulltime operations without disruption
  • Aggregates monitoring and control – Builds bridges to islands of technology and provides a common operational picture of systems from different manufacturers
  • Utilizes HTML5 core technology – Future-proofs applications and extends real-time view and control of systems to secure mobile devices

“Companies have hundreds of networks and devices around the world, all from different manufacturers,” said Susan Lambert, President and COO of DN2K. “The DN2K VOC solution allows them to have aggregated control from a secondary virtual location in case of an event that might normally disrupt operations. Customers get this continuity of operations while avoiding the expense of duplicating their hardware and software systems.”

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DN2K solutions are HTML5-based to allow for cross-platform flexibility and can extend the functionality, user interface and controls of operational assets, servers/networks, M2M, Databases, SCADA and industrial control systems to secure mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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About RFIP
RFIP’s solutions include designing, deploying, and maintaining cellular and Wi-Fi towers, indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks, advanced routing and switching solutions, IP telephony and call center applications, network management applications, and network security services. RFIP serves the oil & gas, video surveillance/security and municipal markets. For more information please visit, or call (405) 286-0928.

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About DN2K
DN2K’s expertise is in developing HTML5-based systems that can bridge the gap between islands of information in ways that remotely monitor, display and control important assets. DN2K brings visibility and control to a new level by offering a secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that performs real-time aggregation of data from business applications, global SCADA systems, M2M systems, sensors and probes from different manufacturers into single view. DN2K takes large amounts of data from sources throughout a business and turns that data into a highly visual information display accessible from laptops, smart phones and tablets, regardless of platform, and can be shared with others in real-time. DN2K utilizes HTML5 and offers unique “smart gateways” at a monitored site that participate in a collaborative cloud engine to provide superior automation with significantly reduced network bandwidth.

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DN2K primarily serves enterprise, public works and municipalities, telecommunications, data centers, oil and gas, agriculture/agronomy, smart grid, utilities and industrial sectors worldwide. For more information, please visit or call Colin Lippincott at (888) 704-4344 ext. 7.

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