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Renewable Energy

Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EE & RE) for South-East Europe

The Congress on EE & RE presents the best environmental practices and shapes the challenges in the energy sector in South-East Europe. A highlight in the program will be the topic ‘Smart energy storage’. High level speakers from the European Commission, the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE), the German Biogas and Bioenergy Society (GERBIO), etc. will participate. The profile of attendees includes:


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Funding Renewables

What makes a renewable energy project fundable? What ensures that investments in these projects (of debt or equity) provide the returns that are their precondition? Are the answers in all cases the same? To what extent do Government proposals for Energy Market Reform and changes to supporting renewable energy instruments shape the way those questions are answered?


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Renewable Energy Finance Week Hong Kong 2012

Green Power Conferences is delighted to announce Renewable Energy Finance Week Hong Kong, the first and only series of sessions to focus on finance & investment strategies specifically for renewable energy in Asia.


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Renewable Energy Risk Management 2012

Following highly successful editions in New York and London in 2011 The Renewable Energy Risk Management event returns to help you make your projects bankable. With a unique delegation made up of risk-focused decision makers and advisors, this is an exclusive opportunity to benchmark your risk management strategy and improve your risk profile.


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