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Asia Future Energy Forum & Exhibition (AFEF) 2012, Singapore

The Asia Future Energy Forum & Exhibition (AFEF) 2012 is the leading global energy event in the Asian region, brought to you by the organizers of the World Future Energy Summit (WFES). Riding on the success of WFES, the launch of AFEF is timely to discuss pertinent, and increasingly critical, issues regarding the development of renewable / sustainable energy and clean technology.


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e-nova International Congress 2012

The International Congress e-nova 2012 to be held on 22nd/23rd November 2012 in Pinkafeld (between Vienna and Graz, Austria) deals with “Sustainable Buildings – Standards – Requirements - Challenges“. About 40 % of the overall energy consumed can be allotted to the building sector. Not only the production and supply of energy but also the construction and deconstruction of the building infrastructure put a strain on our environment.


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Venice 2012

The production of energy from alternative sources and its impact on climate change are among the main strategic tools implicated in the sustainable development of our society. Numerous types of biomass and wastes contribute towards the production of energy and reduction in the use of fossil fuels by means of biological, chemical and thermal processes. Existing biomass and waste to energy technologies are currently undergoing rapid development.


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Symposium on Urban Mining

The urban space should be conceived as the physical, or virtual, environment intended for collective use where rights and duties of citizenship, social information and education, political action, productive and economic activities are carried out.


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