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Event Date : April 25-26, 2013
Location : Portland, Oregon
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Achieving innovation, Growth and Profits through Green Chemistry.

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The marketplace is rapidly moving toward green chemistry. Companies now have requirements for the materials they purchase. Consumers are demanding for safer chemicals. There are rising B2B demands for green chemicals. Green chemistry is a tool that has the potential to improve almost every single product and process in our material economy.

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Learn About:

  • Making Green Chemistry both economically and environmentally sustainable
  • Exploring the design, development and evaluation processes central to Green chemistry
  • Replacing wasteful, expensive processes that create unwanted and harmful bi-products, with more efficient processes that deliver the products customers want
  • How Green Chemistry delivers products with entirely new performance characteristics with massively improved footprints
  • Utilizing Green Chemistry metrics and measurements to drive innovation and sustainability
  • Accurately accounting for savings to understand the profit from green investments
  • Understanding the business of Green Chemistry and the key segments of market sizes and growth rates
  • Reducing costs and liability, and catalyzing new fields o entrepreneurial activity.

Advancing Green and Sustainable Chemistry- conference hosted by Active Communications International. (Chicago, Illinois) Active Communications International is a leader in strategic conference research, development and production presents.

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