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Event Name : POWER-GEN Africa
Event Date : March 17-19, 2014
Location : Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
Website :

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POWER-GEN Africa will move to Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, on 17-19 March 2014 and will once again provide comprehensive coverage of the power needs, resources, and issues facing the electricity generation industries across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Africa’s power requirements continue to expand with the rapid growth and development through out the continent driving the need for more widespread and reliable electricity.

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With POWER-GEN Africa’s conference and exhibition focusing on all aspects of the conventional power industry, focusing on the development and demands within sub-Saharan Africa, the event brings together the world’s leading power equipment suppliers along with those developing power infrastructure in this dynamic region of the world.

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POWER-GEN Africa targets those who work in the utility and private power sectors, engineering and commercial personnel from the equipment manufacturing and consulting fields. The event will address professionals from energy intensive industries with responsibility for ensuring power supply, and officials and ministers from the national and regional political spheres who are tasked with energy policy.

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The three day event will feature a multi-track conference and an exhibition with many of the leading suppliers from both the International and African power sectors demonstrating their latest technologies once again.

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POWER-GEN Africa will consist of a conference and exhibition dedicated to the needs, resources and issues facing the power generation sector across sub-Saharan Africa. It will, for the 2nd year, bring together a range of experts involved in every aspect of the business of power generation from policy makers, project developers, financiers, engineers, suppliers and operators in a forum that offers valuable networking and information exchange.

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POWER-GEN Africa is set to become the meeting place between the world’s leading equipment and services providers and those developing and operating power infrastructure in this dynamic region of the world. The conference and exhibition will also attract those who work in government planning, finance and legal aspects, utility and private power producers.

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