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Solar Desalination Forum

Solar Desalination Forum

Event Name : Solar Desalination Forum
Event Date : May 26-29, 2013
Location : Le Royal Meridien, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Website :

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Conserving oil and other natural resources and reducing the cost of electricity generation for powering water desalination plants are on the priority list for most of the GCC countries. Experts believe that solar desalination is the only way that GCC nations can ensure sustainable water supply for their nation’s growth and development.

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The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) is more than two thirds of the way through a trial to construct 30 mini solar desalination plants across the Emirates while Saudi Arabia is moving from pilot projects to new plants around the country, such as the world’s largest solar desalination project which is producing 30,000 cubic meters of water per day for 100,000 residents of Al-Khafji.

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The Solar Desalination Summit will look at the technological partnerships and accomplishments to date of solar desalination in the UAE and other GCC countries and cover how pilot projects can grow into multiple projects.

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