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Sustainable Business-oriented CSR Summit 2013

Event Name : Sustainable Business-oriented CSR Summit 2013
Event Date : April 15-18, 2013
Location : Beijing, China
Website :

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Sustainable Business-oriented CSR Summit 2013 will be held on this coming 15-18 April 2013 in Beijing, China. Theme of this summit is Integration of Business, Social and Environment Success which is committed to help you get deeper understanding of latest challenges and opportunities in CSR China.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a significant theme in the global business community in recent years. The explosion of sustainability and in particular climate change has lead to a radical change in business strategy. In order to deepen the mutual understanding about CSR and learn from each other, Dot Connector is organizing 2 days conference and 2 days workshop with key regulators, C-level Decision makers from MNCs and domestics companies, CSR experts investors, senior representatives from NGOs, foundations and other industry stakeholders to get together to explore and share their advanced knowledge on how to use a comprehensive approach to create effective sustainability (CSR) strategies on how to communicate and market CSR to drive and support corporate goals, how to impart strategies and provide tools to enable a ‘winner’ in the coming decades.

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From this summit, you will be able to gain in-depth analysis on compliance risks, finance rewards and the leadership strategies of CSR which will make impact on your corporate bottom line. You will have fresh insight on latest development and future trend of CSR IN China and how regulators, corporate leaders and international intellectuals evaluate CSR’s value to business, society and environment and how they respond to the changing environment. Cause-related marketing also will be discussing in the this summit on how can we help government, customers and other critical audience understand the full value of the contributions we make and leverage CSR benefits by successful marketing campaign.

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This year’s event will highlight:

  1. Cause related marketing case study: new challenges, new tools, most advanced international case study
  2. Identify the key global and local challenges and emerging trends-key issues, hot topics, opportunities, risks to your future business
  3. How to effectively champion CSR within your organization? Transform the culture, strengthen up the competitiveness and meet your business needs
  4. What constitutes CSR best practice and how is it applicable to your organization?
  5. Global solutions for local problems: efficient tools, methods, technique to improve CSR performance to boost sustainable business
  6. Partnership and project identification: Key technique to choose the NPO partner and project which is fit with business and brand image

To participate in the Sustainable Business-oriented CSR Summit 2013,, follow the official event website: To request media partner or endorser, please contact Vimy Hue at +607 225 4825 or

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