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The Solar Future South Africa 2013

Event Name : The Solar Future South Africa 2013
Event Date : February 12-13, 2013
Location : Capetown, South Africa
Website :

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Solar energy as a competitive energy solution

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South Africa is set to become a huge market for solar energy. Not in the future - but right now. Not as a result of government programmes - but because energy prices are rising rapidly. Another factor is the tremendous solar energy resources, the growing economy and consequently electricity demand. The Energy utility ESKOM has asked NERSA (energy regulator) for permission to increase its revenue from electricity sales by an average of 16 percent a year. This means electricity prices could double in the space of five years.

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At the same time, the prices for solar modules and turnkey systems have dropped rapidly. Nowadays, large solar PV power plants are being built for 11,5 ZAR (1 €/Watt) in Europe. This means that the production cost of solar energy in South Africa could drop below 0.8 ZAR per kilowatt-hour. And many customers in South Africa, both residential and commercial, pay above 1.25 ZAR/kWh already. This means that investment in solar PV systems is profitable today. Solar energy has become a competitive energy solution - without government support. Indeed, the South African market is about to boom - not only for large-scale utility projects under the government REIPP programme, but beyond that also, for roof applications in the business segment.

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This grid parity situation will open up a new horizon of business opportunities and will require a new marketing approach. It is not about fulfilling government programme requirements in tenders. It comes down to direct sales to businesses and private customers. How can we help and convince them? What new opportunities will emerge and what are the target groups to focus on? What are the expected demand dynamics? How can we position and sell solar energy in the market?

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The conference focus will be on competitive solar energy solutions that do not require government incentives or the REIPP programme. This unique high-level conference, expected to attract top-level management executives, will provide a platform to discuss the new demand dynamics of solar PV in SA.

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  • How developments in electricity prices are going to boost the solar energy market
  • How attractive solar roof applications are going to become in South Africa
  • How global solar industry developments will impact the cost of solar energy in SA
  • How the government policy and targets will create new market opportunities
  • How the energy utility programmes could empower your business
  • How the solar PV market in South Africa will develop over the next three years
  • How private PPAs work and create a new future for large-scale project development
  • How solar PV projects can be financed
  • How South Africa is going to experience a residential rooftop revolution
  • How a smart marketing strategy will empower your business
  • How solar energy will become an inevitable solution in a country still dominated by coal.

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